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Number Sense

Number talks helps students build a sense of number in three distinct ways. Number Talks allows students to think flexibly with numbers giving them opportunities to break numbers apart and make problems easier. Number Talks allows students to use and refine specific strategies like adding up in chunks. During a Number Talk students will share and hear different thinking, helping every student build his/her own repertoire.

Best Practices

Number Talks are backed by research and utilize many best practice teaching strategies all rolled into one low prep, easy to implement, fun and engaging practice.


Common Core brought with it two sets of math standards: Content Standards and the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP). The Content standards are the “what” we want to students to know and be able to do. The SMP’s are the how we want students to think about and share mathematics. Students can experience all of the SMP’s during a Number Talk.

Hear and Share

Number Talks allow students to hear and share different thinking. In the vast majority of math classes around the world, teachers are doing most of the talking. Number Talks encourage students to do most of the talking and leading.

Beyond Basic Fact Memorization

Around the world memorization of basic math facts is a continuing debate. When used over time, Number Talks help students make sense of math, prioritize strategies and learn basic facts and learning is much more powerful than memorizing.


Mathematical vocabulary and thinking is developed over time with frequent opportunities for learning. Number Talks that occur 3-5 times per week, in 10-20 minute increments, allows students to develop and use vocabulary in a safe learning environment.